Saturday, May 1, 2010

welcome may

love this month very bery much :-*
well, I think the time run as fast as they can
when I've realizing that we already touch the first day of may
gonna be freak out for many things!
first is the good things, which is mean....
yahoooow.. It's mean my birthday will surely come, :))
but I'm not ready to getting older or wiser or maturer
hahahhaa really I'am not ready for sure :'(
well, the second good things is my brother birthday too..
yeyeyeyeyeye a LOT
and many of my closest people have to celebrate their  "bornday" on may
now we've to move to the not-soo-good things hahahahaha
hmm... may oh may...
it's mean we are getting closer to FINAL EXAM on this second term..
can I get a fresh air please...
I've just finished my MID TEST, and now I've to rush on my hours again?
and helloooo again for my panda's eyes..
hello reports..
hello assignment..
hello weakness...
shud I cry or shud I die?
well, that's too L.E.B.A.Y
and I still LOVE THIS MONTH for sure, I'll be extra super HIGH spirit to face this month..
anyway, I've found this great pict..
love it!
I do really need vacation, and a long trip in my holidaaaaaaay, please please can I get one?
DADDY, I will always hold on YOUR everlasting love...
Kiss Hug and Poke for my BIG DADDY JESUS :)