Monday, December 27, 2010

give thanks

It's almost end of the year...
guess, y'all have your own resolution.. am I rite?
meanwhile, I'm just thinking about how blessed I am for 20 years I've been lived..
I've been taught that if you wanna know how deeply blessed you are.. you've gotta
count on your happiness, not for the things you've regreted...
start to counting on the simple one, like you still got your full family

see... you're way more luckier, more blessed, more fortunate, and richer by all the things you've got everyday, even every single time... you're just have to realize and grateful ;)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas wish list

last night = Christmas eve
can you feel the atmosphere of Christmas?
It's really brought you to a delicate and dreamy night
cause I do really feel like that :)
dari kecil pasti udah punya ritual kecil"an soal malem Natal
di keluarga saya, sama ko kebiasaannya kaya keluarga" yg lain
pasang pohon Natal kan udah dari awal bulan desember tapi tahun ini saya ga pasang
ga tau kenapa saya jg bingung ahahahaha
kayanya gara" kebanyakan pesenan kue kue Natal de hahaa
kebiasaannya yaa ibadah malam Natal di Gereja, terus pulangnya makan" biasanya
kadang juga ada cross present hehehehee jadi kita saling tukeran kado :)
atau ga besok pagi Natal baru makan" deh
personal sih saya lebih seneng ada di moment-moment khusus waktu malam Natalnya:
1. renungan malam Natal, teduh, damai, suka bgt sm momentnya
2. kumpul brg papa,mama,kakak,adik-adik di ruang keluarga deket phon Natal terus buka
    kado bareng"
3. makan bareng abis ibadah Natal :)
saya suka banget sama nuansa Natal...
beda banget sama bulan-bulan yg lain, ga tau knp saya bs lebih semangat di desember

when you talk about Christmas, you'll get notice about one thing
one thing which is including all your passion in Christmas :)
I used to call it as a Christmas wish list
honestly, I never ever ever make a christmas wish list, normally I'm just a person who loves the atmosphere and everything about Christmas eve...
since I was a kid, I'm just an ordinary girl who always begging my mother to arrange a Christmas tree in our living room.. I like to put all the cute things and a star at the top of the tree
that's my favorite routine in once a year...

speaking of Christmas wish list, till now I haven't write a wish list
I prefer in prayer, so I can confess all the things in my head or even heart to God
but, if I could make a Christmas wish list... I guess my wish list won't be a long thread paper :D
just a simple wish... I hope
let GOD knows that my wish list are His grace and love endures my life and let His blessings surrounding the circle of my family and firends too. Amen
sometime when I think about my childhood Christmas wish list (if I could make it) it would be like a list on a paper which is numbering form one to ten or even more hahahaha
such like...
1. barbie doll
2. puppy with a bow
3. pinky dress
4. cooking toys
5. candy
6. chocolate
7. ice cream
8. disneyland tickets
9. many moooore hahahaha

well, now I'm 20 and looks like I'm way more realistic than before
so, hope for the big grace that God always given to us for a nonstop in our life
make sure that you're not loose your Christmas sense till your become granny/grandpa
cause every kids seems have their own Santa and Christmas imagination in their mind
pray that your Christmas wish list become real and may God bless you in abundace and highly favooooooor....

be blessed :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

delicate december

what a great month!!!
give a shot for december.. wohooooo
jujur, desember bener" bulan yg kereeen
ada uas yang mencekam, wedding anak sahabatnya papa yg temanya desember white bgt,
terus non stop hedonism hahahaaha maksudnya non stop menghibur diri sih...
stress bgt sm urusan kepanitiaan, uas, akhirnya jadi membabi deh hahaha
awal bulan aja gw nyenengin diri sendiri
well, this is holidaaaaay guys! y'all shud enjoy with your own way
and this is my own way... food, movie, bonding time with my family and friends :)

keren bangeeeet... 
i love disney since I was 5 till now and forever old hahahaa *apa deh

terus lanjut yoshinoya deh di GI.. nyum nyum
 original beef ~my favorite

free gift from yoshinoya
sampai sekarang gw udah punya 4 ahahahaha

and the journey still continued....
you shud try cappuccino tiramisu :D

well, itu kan awal bulan...
nah hedonism terus berlanjut.. keep going and going...
kemarin itu gw kalap di gading ahahahaha
udah pada nonton TRON LEGACY belom??
harus nonton!! you won't regret, I promise!
ceritanya bagus, actornya ganteeeeeng hahahaha
efeknya kereeen.... ga nyesel beneran deh nonton ini film.. canggih :))

mumpung liburan, semua yg ada dinikmatin aja *kalap mode:on
tutti frutti ~yg ini sih ga pake ngerasa dosa deh buat makan banyak
you shud try original mix bubble gum froyo + gummy candy + choco chip + nata
kyaaaaaaa I'm in heaven  o:-)

drilled baby potato ~pancious
all time favoooor!! makan ini jadi bikin gw inget sama temen" FTb2009 hahaha
kangeeen wooy hedon" bareng!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

mother's day

she's the best gift that GOD have given to me
can't imagine without her, maybe this life will uncompletely
she taught me love, she gave me world
she's my role model for a lifetime
she's one of a kind, special
her love is unconditional, her smile is my healer
she's always protect me as her treasure
her hug means the most comfort place
 her smile always brigthen up my day
her words never let me down
her laugh fulfill my heart
her kiss never failed to heal all my pain 
she's my super hero, none like her
she got a million way to make me smile

I love you, Mom
you're the one who save me when I fall
the one who stand still for me
the one who gave me the biggest support
I can feel your love since I was a tiny in your belly
your hand's never say give up to make me smile
I can't find "weakness" in you dictionary
my happiness is your goal
my tears is your wound
to make you happy is my life purpose
to make you proud is my first list
I just wanna be with you for the rest of my life
so I can do the same thing just like all that you've done to me
three letters that I wanna give to you in past, present, and future
I love you, mom!



 "when Christmas comes to town"
I'm wishing on a star
And trying to believe
That even though it's far
He'll find me Christmas Eve
I guess that Santa's busy
Cause he's never come around
I think of him
When Christmas comes to town

The best time of the year
When everyone comes home
With all this Christmas cheer
It's hard to be alone
Putting up the Christmas tree
With friends who come around
It's so much fun
When Christmas comes to town

Presents for the children
Wrapped in red and green
All the things I've heard about
But never really seen
No one will be sleeping on the night of Christmas Eve
Hoping Santa's on his way

When Santa's sleigh bells ring
I listen all around
The herald angels sing
I never hear a sound
And all the dreams of children
Once lost will all be found
That's all I want when Christmas comes to town

That's all I want when Christmas comes to town

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


One day, you will realize how much I was there for you when I'm gone.
"We love Him because He first loved us." 1 John 4:9-10
When facing difficult times, be reminded that, GOD is our Refuge and Strength, a very Present help in trouble.
Sometimes I don't tell people what's wrong because most of the time they're just being nosy.. Not because they care.
You'd only realize how much a person's worth not until he/she is gone in your life.
Dear whoever is reading this, U are beautiful & some1 out there is crazy about U. So smile, life is too short to be unhappy.
" i can. and... i will. watch me. "
My Silence doesn't means I forgot. The mountain is silent but have volcano inside!
I wanna feel Christmas everyday, where miracles happen everyday. Thank God :)
Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, hugs when spirits sag: Thats why i need you my best friends.
Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.
Mommy. She is a very special person, and she will always be. No matter what the title is.
"We do not remember days; we remember moments." ~ Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand
blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting
A true friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes, while everyone else believes the fake smile.
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them -Walt Disney-
A kiss from your mommy always makes everything better. Even in the hard situation.
Making 1000 friends in 1 year is not a miracle, keepin 1 friend for 1000 years is :)
We are too Blessed to be Stressed - because if we do our Best, God will do the Rest!
You are never too big of a mess for God to redeem and nothing is beyond His ability to restore.
"Fall seven times, stand up eight." ~ Japanese Proverb
“There are certain people connected by an ancient calling that echoes through the ages…Destiny.”— Prince of Persia
i don't need a Spiderman, or even Batman. cause i have my own superman, i call him DAD. .
Instead of saying, "God, I have a big problem." try to say, "Problem, I have a BIG God!"

be a social science :)

hoyooooy :)
udah lama bgt gw mau ngepost ini berita di blog acakadut ini hoho
jadi begini alkisahnya... 
acara "Social Science" yg diadain sm UKM Science club
gw sendiri menjabat sebagai korbid Acara, sampe detik ini aja gw bingung kenapa bisa gw yg dipilih buat jabatan yang bikin berat badan turun (YES!), rambut rontok (amit-amit), hahaha sebenernya sih penuh resiko, penuh tanggung jawab banget deh..  jadinya gw mulai stress, bingung, serba salah deh, ini acara tadinya mau ngapain yaa, ditambah lagi gw jg lg disiksa jd korbid dana di acara yg lebih besar capacitynya.. bener-bener die bgt deh masa-masa itu... =="
acara social sciencenya sendiri dikasi judul PELANGI yg kepanjangannya itu "Percobaan  Ilmiah yang mengasyikan" hehehehe namanya sendiri gw mau dari bahasa indonesia
secara target kita itu anak-anak SD yg masih kelas 4 sampai 6...
btw namanya itu gw dapet dari sahabat gw sekaligus hasil sharing sm anak" acara yg lucu lucu imut imut... -____________-" oke ga segitu jg sih chik,ahahha
ada masukan sana sini jadinya dapet deh itu nama acaranya :DDD
jadi acara ini ngajarin percobaan-percobaan ilmiah yg seru, asik, tapi tetep ga 'berat' buat dimengerti sm anak-anaknya...
dan karena kita ngajarin dengan sukarela plus senang hati (ceileh) disitu deh nilai sosialnya :)
oiaaa kita ngajarnya di Panti asuhan puteri "St. Vincentius" yg di otista, anak-anaknya bener" cepet akrab jadi kita yg panitia jg ga susah-susah bgt buat ngajarin..
acaranya ga cuma ajaran-ajaran biasa, hehe
tapi ada ice breaking, percobaannya sistem keliling meja gitu, trus ada games, MC nya juga seruu lhoo... si duo fiona+syca hehehe
duo master of ceremony :))

gw sendiri seneeeeeng ga pake boong deh waktu acara ini jalan dengan super super lancar 
soalnya gw takut bgt kalo smpe ini acara jd garing krik krik gitu
tapi ini acara ga mungkin berantakan, gw yakin bgt TUHAN ngasi gw temen-temen yg luarbiasa bgt dlm panitia ini... walo acara kecil, tp tujuan acara ini gede :)
jadi tanpa TUHAN dan tanpa mereka pasti gw ga bisa ngehandle acara ini

 happy team :p

 ga munafik deh, ngeliat muka happy mereka disini jadi bikin gw seneng.. 
gw sendiri ngerasa puas sm teamworknya semua panitia.. love y'all

kaenya pada antusias deh meratiin + dengerin ajaran kaka-kaka pengajar :)

yeaay.. seneng ultra giga super... acaranya udah selesai.. suskes!!
thanks GOD :)

gw jd berpikir, apa gunanya lo belajar setinggi, sekeras, serajin, selebay apapun kalo hasilnya ga lo share ke sesama yg ngebutuhin... krn ujung"nya setiap apapun capability lo, pasti semuanya itu akan dimanfaatkan untuk kepentingan bersama, ya kan?
ga bisa egois, ga bisa menang sendiri...
apa bagusnya kalo keahlian cuma lo kuasain sendiri?
so, let spread the love with action not just in words :)

hey hoy

hey hoy hey hoy hey hoy
wassup everbody??!!

yeaaaaaay akhirnya bisa update" lagi ahahaha
jadi jadi ceritanya gw udah kelar UAS semester 3! nah lho nah lho cepet bener yaa
maklum, kampus gw emang terkenal paling cepet soal ginian (baca: uas, uts, libur pun paling cepet abisnya malah weeeey... ga asik ==" )
jadi abis kelar uas tadi, gw diem dulu di hall y sampe jem setengah 3, nah tau" gw dibeliin tiket nonton narnia 3, padahal gw udh nonton midnightnya #eaaaaaaaa

jujur sih gw aga sedih soalnya di film ketiga Narnia ini udah ga ada peter sm susan
hmm emang di bukunya jg mereka udah ga muncul lagi, sedih deh hahaha *knp ketawa deh?

jadilah gw nonton seperempat film trus gw keluar gara" temen gw sms, okelah gw keluar dan singkat cerita itu tempat digantiin sama teman gw, yg notabene kepengen nonton narnia hahahahahaahaha
jadilah gw bareng 3 temen gw yg laen muter" centro ga jelas...
abis itu jem 5an kita cabut deh ke grandi...
mau makan di yoshinoya :))
sebelumnya sih kita masih di dcost plangi, pdhl ga makan, cm nemenin temen" yg laen pada ngisi perut tapi barbar banget itu ngisinya....
jadi yaa kita sampe GI ceritanya trus jalan ke west mallnya, nah liat pertunjukan sirkus gtu
keren lho, my first time ever deh tadi ngerasain nonton orang lentur maen hulahoop trus nari nari di sehelai kain yg diiket tinggi gtu....
uwoooo keren lho, efeknya tuh beda kalo nonton langsung sama di tv ehehehehe
abis nonton sirkus trus kita lanjut deh maem di yoshinoya
pesen ini itu, makan sampe kenyang... foto" di deket Christmas tree ehehehe
semuanya bareng fiona, debo, winnie, ci caroline...
ga lupa ye pake topi yg ada tanduk rusanya ahahahaha nekat aja loh gw minta ke mas mas yoshinoyanya yohoooooy (sayang, lupa gw foto T______________T)

 me, debo,fiona,winnie kyaaaaa girls out time!!

 harus sering" ga sih berhedoon kae gini hahaha *again and again and again!!

abis itu lanjut mochilla.. enak banget lhooo yg cookies n cream :))))
terus nonton air mancur joged-joged gtu hahahahahaha
it's awesomely fun :) seneng banget nget nget deh tadi...
walo sampe rumah masi banyak kepikiran yang ga enak gitu soal uas atopun hasilnya yg bakal ngefek ke semester depan tapi yaudaaa... lepasin semua, refreshing!!!
ga mau mikirin yg bikin semua jd berantakan
a BIG no way ghehehehehehe

lanjut part 2 nih, kmrn itu sabtu tgl 18, bener-bener engga sengaja menceburkan diri ke kehedonan dunia gara-gara 2 oknum hahaha
jadinya ada temen gw yg mau beli kado buat cewenya yg diluar kota, ceritanya di mau pulang di awal liburan... huyuuuuh enak yee
nah jadilah gw yg tadinya di kampus cuma buat rapat divisi doang akhirnya ikut nemenin deh. pertama kita ke PI, eh terus gw mau makan di pancious kan, tapi waiting listnya sampe 5 nama -_____________-" malasnyoo sampe mau bunuh anak nyamuk!
jadilah kita pindah ke tetangganya PI, yakni si GI hahahahah
bingung mau makan apa, tadinya yoshinoya, tapi berhubung gw masih mabok yoshinoya sehari sebelumnya, jadilah kita ke Mr. Curry...
beneran deh, sebelum mau msk ke resto ini aja, kita bertiga (gw, eka, fendy) sampe mikir berulang kali, ehemm sebenernya sih gw sm eka yg mikir 2x buat makan di Mr. Curry
mahal gilaaaak! tapi enak bangeeet plus menunya lucu lucu bikin laper mata...
singkat crita kita pesen 3 menu yg beda tp minumnya oca dingin semua..
tempatnya sih homey bgt!! enak deh enak, gw janji bakal ajak papa kesana hahahaha

oknum 2 & korban hahahaha

spagetti chicken mushroom with spicy original curry sauce :9

oknum 1

eye catchy banget ini :))

you shud try ice cream dorayaki + pudding!! gyaaaaaay yummy
well, have a great trip in your holidaaaay guys :)
Happy Holiday #kisskiss

Thursday, December 2, 2010


hari ini FTb 09 akhirnya positif masuk final, yg masuk final itu ada futsal putri sm basket putra
jujur sih gw bener-bener deg deg serr... ntar basket putra 2009 vs 2007 
terus yg futsal putri 2009 vs 2010, harus maen sebaik-baiknya, dan gw berdoa puasa (kalo bisa) biar semuanya menang nih yg bagian 2009 punya hehehehe AMIN! BIG AMEN!
sebenernya sih kita yg 2009 ga tau klo ternyata maen sistem banyak"an poin gitu lhoo hahaha
nyesel bgt nih basket putri 2009 ga masuk final cuma gara" kalah poin... damn!
tapi yaudalah, aaaaaaaaaa nyesel sih pasti, apalagi kita cm kalah sekali dari 2007
hmm... gw bertekad mau maen basket sama futsal lagi nih tahun depan!!!
apa gw mulai beli bola basket ya dari sekarang? hahahahaha lebaay lhoo
well, that's all yg mau gw share hari ini
moga aja ntar bisa kasi yg the best buat FTb2009!
ga sia-sia walau suara serak serak kering basah hahahaha yg penting ada yg masuk final
 just like the kids in this pic, so we are in FTb games 2010, we've got to be a Solid team!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

can't hardly wait

gw lg pgn nonton film sebanyak-banyaknya
mana bentar lg udah mau Christmas jd banyak film yg Top recommended! #nyambunggasih
kemarin itu kan gw baru nonton Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
dibagi jd 2 part itu yaa, jd yg sekarang ini masih part 1...
the story's great, I'm kinda miss all the cast in that movie.. totally

dari kelas 6 sd smpe kuliah semester 3 gini gw masi suka sm novel n film ini
malah gw sempet kepikiran bakalan warisin semua novel Harry Potter gw ke anak gw ntar
hahahahahahaha sound's like ... err.... well, I definitely will do that!
ngomongin soal the phenomenal movie and books pasti ga lepas dari trio potter-granger-weasley.. iya ga sih? hahahaha
karena intinya 3 tokoh utama ini yg selalu buat gw bisa setia baca novelnya smpe kelar n nunggu filmnya muncul... really :)
Harry the chosen one
Hermione the genius one
Ron the faithful one

1st year

 2nd year

 3rd year

 4th year

 5th year

6th year

 7th year

they're really grown up and awesome :)

tapi tiga-tiganya bener" saling ngelengkapin gtu ga sih hehehehe
menurut gw sih, ga ada deh yg bs gantiin peran daniel, emma, rupert di Harry Potter
(yaiyalah chik, jelas" udah abis juga itu film sampe sequel 7)
jujur sih, bukunya gw punya lengkap tp buku yg ke 7 gw bener" males luarbiasa buat bacanya
jd nunggu filmnya aja deh....

beside Harry Potter, gw bener" pengen banget bangetan ooy nonton Rapunzel, Gnomeo & Juliet, Narnia.... aaaaaaa desember ini jd ajang kejar"an nonton deh hahahaha