Wednesday, December 22, 2010

mother's day

she's the best gift that GOD have given to me
can't imagine without her, maybe this life will uncompletely
she taught me love, she gave me world
she's my role model for a lifetime
she's one of a kind, special
her love is unconditional, her smile is my healer
she's always protect me as her treasure
her hug means the most comfort place
 her smile always brigthen up my day
her words never let me down
her laugh fulfill my heart
her kiss never failed to heal all my pain 
she's my super hero, none like her
she got a million way to make me smile

I love you, Mom
you're the one who save me when I fall
the one who stand still for me
the one who gave me the biggest support
I can feel your love since I was a tiny in your belly
your hand's never say give up to make me smile
I can't find "weakness" in you dictionary
my happiness is your goal
my tears is your wound
to make you happy is my life purpose
to make you proud is my first list
I just wanna be with you for the rest of my life
so I can do the same thing just like all that you've done to me
three letters that I wanna give to you in past, present, and future
I love you, mom!