Wednesday, January 27, 2010

love bird

love this pics a lot :)

found that his mate was injured.

Here he brings her food and attend her with love and compassion.


Brings her food but shocked with her death and try to move her.


 stand beside her and sadly he's screamed loudly

Finally aware that she would not return to him and she has departed,
stands beside her body, sad and sorrow.

seriusan gw sih nangis liatnya,
eventhough they're animal, but they have each other..

and this is for you, mr.fake T...
thanks for the pain that you've gave to me..
someday, you'll receive more than I have..
prove it if you are a "real" man
and one thing,
congratz! I've heard that you were already

feel "the same hole" as I've felt before..
nice to know it :)

but I think, it's better to move on :)